Dan's Musings

Leaving Hosting on the Cloud

I have recently blogged about how I went self-hosted with my git repositories. Well, as of today, that didn't work out.

I accidentally added a payment method for myself with Digital Ocean. I asked support to remove it, so I could continue pre-paying as I go so as to avoid re-living past memories. They said I had to have a payment method, and that they wouldn't take it back down. So, I left DO.

I still think I could self-host in the future, even with my aversion to my credit card being directly hooked up to unlimited cloud spend. However, it would have to be hardware-based. If someone hacks into a physical server that I run, they can't use that information to run up my credit card bill any more than I already have. LightWave Networks Colocation is the cheapest (and coolest!) colocation I've ever heard of; I could host my server there for $8, well within my price range.

Where will I put git then from now on? Well, it's funny to relate, but I'm going back to SourceHut. I did disagree with their decision not to host blockchain. But, after thinking about it, I decided to move back anyway. They host a great service for a very affordable price. IRC chat bridge, mailing lists, and git hosting would cost way more self hosting than $5/month, the pricing tier that most closely reflects my needs. I also think I need to be less petty about this. My using their platform does not mean that I share their worldview, and that's okay. Actually, I really don't like blockchain stuff, I just don't think that is deserving of de-platforming.

I've changed all the links on my blog, so hopefully I don't have any dead links lying around.